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New Page Added!

Resume & Cover Letter have been uploaded. [...]

What's Wrong With People?

The left and the right have gotten to far from each other, and unless they can start to actually work together and come back to the middle from both directions, I fear for Civil War, Part Deux. [...]

Can Promoting for Poor Performance Actually Work?

This is the first article in my experiment of actually promoting someone who has poor work performance to a job with more responsibility in the hopes he surprises me. [...]

Good fences make good neighbors? Then explain Canada.

Why does the idea of a border wall with Mexico offer up such hatred and resentment? I like the idea. [...]

Oh, I'm sorry. You are the only driver on the road.

Why does winter bring out the worst drivers? If they dropped the attitude, I'd gladly be able to honk less. [...]

Judgement Free Zone?

New Years Resolutioners are out in full force. What gym will you choose? [...]

Customer Service?

My lunch took a different turn in service between two different bartenders in two separate visits. [...]

My Evening in the Drunk Tank

Find out what it's really like in Denver's C.A.R.E.S. facility on a Saturday afternoon. [...]