What Happened to Customer Service?

So today I was at lunch at a Qdoba restaurant near where I work. This is a location I frequent on a weekly basis, and it is one of the new Qdoba concepts that have a full bar built-in. Last time I was in there I asked for a taco, with 1 modification, and the bartender at the time said no problem, and it came out like I asked. Today, a different bartender was working, I asked him for literally the same thing I got last time. His response was, “Sorry, computer won’t let me do any modifications. You’ll have to get in line to do that.” Which I know is complete BS because I had it done the last time I was in. After he said that, he turned around and continued chatting with an old vet across the bar from me. He never asked me if I wanted anything else, just turned around and ignored me. He continued chatting the entire time I sat there drinking my beer. It would have been very easy to ring in what I wanted, and gone up to the line and tell them what the modification was, or figure out how the bartender did it the week before. But he couldn’t be bothered with going above and beyond at all, and just kept on conversing, and not working. If he was slammed and had no chance to help me out, then OK, I understand that. But to tell me no way, and then just lean against the bar and have a conversation? That is terrible customer service. This bartender is not one I particularly liked anyway, he was an Iraq vet and all he could talk about was his time at war, years ago, and about how many different jobs he has held. I will make it a conscious effort to turn around and walk out of this establishment if he is bartending, and only patron those who actually remember what customer service in the service industry means.

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