What’s Wrong With People?

This is a very tense time in America, and frankly it is getting a little bit stupid and out of hand. I think Arnold said it well in his latest video I watched this morning, which can be seen on YouTube here. Are the white supremacists and neo-nazi’s good people? No. At the same time, are the crybaby Antifa, who just shouldn’t have shown up good people? Again, a big fat no. I remember a video I watched during the Baltimore riots a few years ago of a mother slapping her son around who wanted to go riot and yelling at him to get his ass home. THAT was parenting. She knew that the riots would be a dangerous place and to keep him safe, she had to keep him away from that scene. Here’s that video.

One thing I notice with a lot of Antifa, is they show up where they aren’t invited, armed and wearing helmets and shields. The only reason to show up somewhere unexpected like that would be to incite some violence or try to create an incident. If all the protest-protesters had just stayed home, then there would have been almost no news coverage and therefore no speeches aired by the hate groups to embolden other people nationwide, the president wouldn’t have had to make poor statements on a situation that frankly is not his direct responsibility (See 1.), and most of all, no one would be dead or injured.

  1. The president’s responsibility is mainly to be a face for the nation to other nations in the world and to enforce laws passed by Congress. The city of Charlottesville and the state of Virginia are the ones responsible for what goes on in their state. Just like a CEO appoints upper and middle management to make decisions, cities and states must make decisions that shouldn’t pull the federal government, or CEO, away from their job.
  2. Where were all the Charlottesville PD to control that situation? They knew shit was going to go down with a white supremacist rally and of all the videos I watched, I think I only saw a handful of police, and only in a handful of videos. Hell, if I was the governor, I would have called up the National Guard to go in preemptively and ensure the peace remained. After a few days of listening to the news, I do find it odd that apparently the man who organized the whole thing was an Occupy Wall Street activist and Obama supporter, its starting to smell a lot like someone wanted this incident to happen.
  3. Yes, I know that they are terrible people, neo-nazis and true racists shouldn’t really be listened to, and they really shouldn’t be allowed to have formal groups recognized at any level of government. However, if the leftists had just stayed home and ignored them, nobody would be dead, and none of these racist groups would feel emboldened to spout their racism on nationals news.
  4. Antifa is, and should be classified as a hate group, some say terrorist group, but I don’t think its to that point yet. The liberals and democrats out there should denounce them, not praise them for fighting back against people they disagree with. Antifa is thuggish, violent, masked, and destructive. If leftists want to actually stand and have conversations, or protest peacefully, that is fine. But Antifa should be denounced by the left, along with the left denouncing the assumption that all white people or people in general that voted for Trump are racist.
  5. You left us no choice in Trump. Did you really see Clinton? She is verifiably criminal and while I don’t think she should be jailed, any chance of public office and all classification levels should be stripped. I have voted libertarian in every election that I was old enough to vote in, until this last one. Believe me, I didn’t vote for Trump because I really liked him, I voted for Trump because I thought Hillary Clinton was the absolute worst person for this job, and I had to do whatever I could to ensure she wasn’t elected.
  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Stop calling for Trump’s impeachment. Look at what happens if you do. You have President Pence. Do you really think that you would like him better?

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